Professional Service and Personal Attention

We customize our management services to ensure our owners' needs are met.  We recognize that managing a home means being in business with the owner and managing the homes as if they were our business.  We work hard to ensure that the property and tenants are taken care of, and the business of the home is profitable.  The goal is to have long-term tenants in your property to reduce the cost of vacancy.

Tenant Performance and Length of Retention

Largely due to thoroughly qualifying tenants and closely monitoring their performance , our eviction rate is less than 1%.  The average length stay of stay for our tenants is approximately two years.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Our goal is to provide quality work with a rapid response time at a reasonable price. Tenants are able to notify us of repairs via web, e-mail or an emergency phone line.  There are also handy videos available for tenants, based on common maintenance items.  Repairs are always handled by licensed, qualified contractors.  Since our vendors are not in-house companies, we NEVER profit from repairs and therefore, are able to pass 100% of savings onto the owner.